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Self Care Mini Retreat for Women

Sunday June 25th Self Care Mini Retreat for Women in Perimenopause & Menopause

  • 40 euros
  • Shine In Yoga, St Olaves, Kinsealy, Dublin, Ireland

Service Description

What symptoms are there during the Menopause? Most women approaching menopause will have “hot flashes” which is a sudden spread of warmth throughout the body, often with blushing or sweating. The severity can range from mild to severe. There are quite a few symptoms as you can see to name a few- • Irregular or skipped periods, Insomnia, Mood swings, Fatigue, Irritability, Depression, Racing heart,Headaches, Joint & muscle aches & pains, Changes in sex drive, Bladder control problems, Vaginal dryness, Weight gain…. (Not all women get all of the symptoms) Benefits of Yoga for Perimenopause & Post Menopause: 1. Reduce stress and improve sleep. 2. Relieve menopausal symptoms, such as hot flushes, joint and muscle aches. 3. Rebalance your emotions, such as Meno rage, anxiety, low mood. 4. Restore depleted energy caused by insomnia and fatigue. 5. Reinvigorate a sluggish metabolism, tone and strengthen muscles, build bone density, balance and boost heart health. 6. Reinforce positive thoughts that improve self-esteem. This Workshop will help you move through these natural stages of life, and help you utilise your own internal toolbox to relieve stress, and help you feel more like yourself. Hormonal changes can be overwhelming and even debilitating for some and practicing Yoga as part of a healthier lifestyle choice can really help cope with the changes we are going through. When we feel well, we are more able to make healthy decisions about our lifestyle (nutrition, exercise, work-life balance), as well as our relationships. Please remember that yoga is not sport or a competition; you will gain most by going at your pace, and treating your body with kindness and compassion. This two hour Workshop especially designed for women approaching the menopause or in the perimenopausal stage , we utilises different postures to stimulate the endocrine system and relax the nervous system to alleviate the troublesome symptoms of the menopause or help prepare the body for this phase of life. No Yin Yoga experience is required to attend. 90 minute Class followed by deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra. Any questions on this workshop please contact me . Much Love Michelle x

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Contact Details

  • Shine In Yoga, Saint Olave's, Kinsealy, Dublin, Ireland

    086 877 5078

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